The information: last year, Kenzy Vixen began posting blogs about her internet dating encounters as a recently divorced solitary lady in Boston location. Boston therefore the solitary lady turned into her online diary in which she can work through the woman emotions, detail her activities, and release the woman frustrations. It was less expensive than treatment, and many readers enjoyed her honest accept really love, intercourse, and relationships. Today, Kenzy’s blog site sees over 102,000 page opinions during the typical month, and this lady has widened her brand name to include a radio program and life mentoring solution.

After her divorce, Kenzy Vixen dove inside Boston online dating scene trying uncover by herself and determine what she wanted in someone. She had lots of passionate misadventures, plus some of her nearest pals stated that the woman existence could possibly be possible TV show.

In April 2011, Kenzy decided to begin blogging about her matchmaking experiences and share her perspective as a single girl in Boston. She thought her musings might-be useful to additional modern singles around, and jotting down the woman commitment takeaways would assist the lady make sense of this turmoil of her personal existence.

“I must confess, we never ever believed that something would come of telling my dating reports to whoever would tune in,” she writes inside her bio. “I absolutely simply required someplace to allow my innovative juices flow, to focus through my interior dating demons.”

Kenzy started Boston and also the solitary woman underneath the assumption that “reality is greater than fiction,” and her success for the blogosphere seems the woman right.

Today, Boston while the Single female views more than 36,000 unique visitors and 102,000 page views per month. Kenzy has actually nearly 5,000 fans on Twitter and just under 2,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s created for top-tier media retailers, including Singles Warehouse, Kinkly, and Indie Chicks Magazine.

Kenzy writes about individual subject areas with credibility and laughter on Boston in addition to solitary woman. Her down-to-earth tone attracts lots of singles just who face similar challenges within lives. Over the past couple of years, Kenzy has used her blog as a springboard into various other small business ventures, such as a radio program known as Vixen’s take on Renegade chat Radio.

Singles can find out plenty concerning the online dating world from Kenzy Vixen’s blog site, and they may also employ the woman in order to tailored guidance as a licensed lifestyle & natural health Coach exactly who focuses primarily on connections.

Channeling Her Inner Carrie & Delivering Sage Advice

Boston and the Single Girl is full of 100per cent genuine stories from Kenzy’s life. She resides by the motto “reality is actually much better than fiction.” She may alter some names to protect individuals identities, but she helps to keep the juicy highlights the same. The woman objective is always to provide a respectable view exactly what it’s choose time as one lady now, and she sticks into the fact and nothing nevertheless reality when penning her story.

Kenzy’s salacious material — from boob jobs to internet dating dealbreakers â€” keeps readers laughing and finding out as they accompany the lady through ups and downs of online dating.

“My personal information style is no-nonsense, to put it nicely,” Kenzy informed united states. “I provide readers with real, natural, savagely sincere advice and info. Really don’t sugar mommacoat or gloss more than. I simply inform it enjoy it is.”

As a personal life advisor, Kenzy stated she feels its the woman duty to dicuss the hard facts that friends people is almost certainly not ready to state. She gives savagely truthful responses and therefore sets her customers on a path of self-growth and empowerment. She is not afraid to inform singles the things they’re carrying out completely wrong because she believes that is the easiest way to assist them move ahead, make changes, and discover really love.

Boston additionally the Single lady attracts people of various age groups, but Kenzy mentioned an important amount of the woman market is actually between 22 and 54 yrs old. Most are singles interested in first-date guidelines, although some are located in a relationship and contemplating learning to keep your chemistry live.

Kenzy addresses an easy variety of subject matter from inside the matchmaking world. Some articles cope with enjoyable summer flings and basic matchmaking guidelines while different posts tackle just what Kenzy phone calls “real crap,” including sex dependency, porno, devotion phobia, and gender functions.

Similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s figure in “Sex in addition to City,” Kenzy attracts from the woman personal encounters to provide weight to her matchmaking guidance and present support to singles and lovers facing really serious challenges inside their love everyday lives.

Her Vulnerability is actually Inspirational to numerous Readers

Kenzy could get plenty of interest on her behalf splashy posts about having everyday sex or enjoying porn, many of her most enduring and preferred articles manage soul mates and heartbreak. Boston and solitary woman has actually sparked a lot of recovery conversations through getting genuine and talking about the thoughts behind matchmaking.

Whether she’s writing about enabling love slip out or appreciating a polyamorous commitment, Kenzy delivers her own truth towards discussion and challenges stereotypes and presumptions. Lots of audience have written to Kenzy saying thanks to her on her candor and information.

“we compose from my experiences primarily,” Kenzy told all of us. “I additionally have a radio tv series with Renegade Talk broadcast, that will be just a live version of my web site.”

“In a time of athleisure and cock photos, in which do you draw the range?” — Boston and the solitary female

As a radio ability and online dating specialist, Kenzy made visitor looks throughout the Sports Den and Talk2Q radio reveals. She’s also questioned significant people within the sex movie business on grown movie News (AVN) Awards in vegas.

Seeking to the near future, Kenzy informed you this lady has lots of big ideas planned. As well as keeping her blog and radio tv series, Kenzy desires partner together with other companies to bring her content to a more substantial market.

Kenzy features toyed with many ideas for constructing on her behalf Boston plus the solitary lady brand name. She mentioned she actually is thinking about perhaps beginning a chat room or internet hosting Q&A periods in which she will be able to connect more directly with her fans. This lady has in addition seriously considered generating Boston plus the Single Girl items on the woman internet site.

While Kenzy develops her vocals and grows her reach, she stays concentrated on delivering truthful and advice on every outlet offered to the lady.

“i like helping folks live their utmost resides,” she stated. “I’m not here to guage anyone, which is why we write with these types of openness and susceptability. I would like to prevent all of the slut-shaming which help create a sex-positive ecosystem.”

Boston & the solitary female has a Raw view Dating

Boston while the Single female is a must-read for singles and lovers wondering what on earth is occurring from inside the relationship and commitment world nowadays. Kenzy’s experienced, happy, and honest storytelling looks are both enlightening and riveting, and several readers have actually gained from her straight-to-the-point information.

Since 2011, Kenzy provides discussed her encounters and viewpoints as a Boston solitary gal, and this lady has acquired a loyal utilizing on the blog and radio program. The woman matchmaking and connection ideas might help people evaluate their very own love schedules and figure out how to get in which they would like to end up being. Throughout her authorship job, Kenzy has actually turned the woman private tests into expert success and be an internet sensation by simply being herself.

As Kenzy stated, “The tales are actual, the information is natural, but this might be me personally. Take it or let it rest. I am an unapologetic Boston lady, and this is my weblog: locker space talk… woman design!”

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